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In 2015 I had the privilege to be the lead designer on creating, branding, and spiriting a global in-house creative agency for Schneider Electric. This project not only involved creating a logo, a website, and other deliverables, but a large part of it was creating a culture and sense of value for the team. By creating a noticeable evolution in the quality of work we were capable of producing, we were able to reposition ourselves as a creative resource that rivaled the work of an external agency. By elevating our design offering and level of service within the company, the team went from being the low-value in-house production group to a high-value creative partnership.  

The missing pixel logo. 

A key piece to rebranding the creative studio was putting in place a website that would act as our front door to engage with us. I created the SE Studio site to function as a place to get to know the team, learn more about our capabilities, and to ultimately start and track a project with us. The site featured a blog about our exploits, key creative projects, a team page featuring everyone from design to project management, as well our service level agreement. The design was fun but functional allowing users to either explore all we have to offer and what we're all about, or get down to business and start a project.

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