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This is an interactive wall I created in 2017 for IGT’s Providence, RI Headquarters. It features four 55″ Planar monitors daisy-chained together with an interactive overlay bezel for multi-touch interactions for up to 6 individuals using it simultaneously.

The images above are two concept 3D renderings I had done for my original pitch to IGT.

The original ask from the client was to add some ‘wow factor’ to an otherwise boring through space located on the executive level of IGT’s headquarters. This hallway leads to the IGT Player Experience Lab which features interactive games and the latest in gaming technology. It also leads to the Executive Board Room, which important visitors use daily, so I needed to create something that had as much visual impact and tech-appeal as the customer areas around it.

The finished installation

Here a cell phone video of the monitors were being tested at the shop where they were being built by my friends at Dimensional Communications. 

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