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Attracting new customers and filling the funnel with the next generation of players is an ongoing concern with the Lottery business. Generally seen as the past time of an older crowd, the designs below represent creative that's targeted to attract Millennial players. By shifting the focus towards the emotional rewards of the playing experience and the integration of smartphones into a player's routine, I came up with this tone of voice that is intelligent, fun, responsible, and practical - all qualities of I'd use to describe a Millennial.

This is a spec video I created as further proof of concept. The basic idea I am trying to convey with this branding exercise is that playing the lottery can be more than the end game of either winning or losing, the latter being the most likely outcome. From buying a ticket, to choosing your numbers, to scratching your ticket, to finding out if you won online - all of these are micro moments you experience while playing the Lottery can more engaging than the sum of its parts. That is where the real fun lies.  

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