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An interior design project for the new Schneider Electric/Invensys Headquarters in Foxboro, Ma. Using historical photos and documents from the original Foxboro Company (now Invensys by SE), I blended Schneider Electric’s contemporary look with Foxboro Company's heritage. The main part of the project was designing a company timeline that stretched the length of the main hall. Key dates protrude from the wall and are staggered like a three dimensional 'index' for fast recognition when walking done the hall.

In corner areas I designed oversized prints of key historical moments in Foxboro Co. (Invensys). The main subject of the photographs (the woman in the image above for instance) were separate prints that were die-cut and re-added to the scene. They were offset a few inches and gave the images visual interest and depth. These historical points of interest created a museum-like experience throughout the building.

In the main lobby I installed one-way privacy glass that leads to a main meeting area. The glass featured a historical photo from the original Foxboro manufacturing facility complete with horse and buggy.

Also throughout the building I added large vinyl images of different historically relevant buildings that reside through the town of Foxboro. In the main entrance a 130" LCD was added that acts as a welcoming sign or way finding for visitors. 

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